Jorden Merrilee's Snapshot Bio

Jorden is a recent Australian Dolphin (national swim team member), and having come back from swimming in the US college system is now competing regularly in swims like the Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub.  He came 4th last year, being just beaten on the line for 3rd by Matt Gilling.

We recently asked Jorden about the Pier to Pub and some of his career highs – read on.

How did you get into swimming, and what made you try open water swimming?

o   I started at 3, because my mother didn’t know how to swim, so we got lessons together. I took to it fondly and from there I was in the pool or ocean. I guess I caught the bug for the ocean when I would visit my grandparents in Coolangatta, ocean swimming has that sense of exploration about it, which, is intriguing.

What would you say is your best event?

o   200m Backstroke (Editor: he also happens to be one of the fastest 400m Freestyle swimmers in the Pier to Pub, with a PB of 3.50!) 

What is your favourite swimming workout/main set?

o   Anything to do with multiple repeats on short time cycles.

What made you swim the Pier to Pub?

o   Moving down to Melbourne I became very aware of the summer ocean swims and the chance to have a race at the biggest event was super exciting.

What is your favourite Pier to Pub memory and why?

o   It has to be my first race. The build-up of the day, with the atmosphere, the people attending and the expectations you put on yourself there’s nothing like your first try. The sense of naïve adventure of a straight 1500m swim at full gas. Then there’s the after-swim festivities that make it a classic Aussie summer day out.

What is your most memorable swimming (&/or sporting) achievement and why?

o   The moment I made the national team. Seeing the sense of pride on my parents faces gave me a really special feeling. It’s the hard work they’ve put in that I can really see.

How has your training been going? And what are your goals for the coming summer & year ahead?

o   Training has been going really well under this crazy cloud. I’ve been getting creative and trying out different ways to stay active. Extremely happy that pools are back, and I can disappear in endless laps. Goals this year are pretty basic and that just to continue to improve my technique and stay disciplined with my diet and sleep. Unsure what events are going to take place just yet.

What are your top training recommendations for a beginner trying the virtual Pier to Pub for the first time this year?

o   When you’re having a good day push yourself to the limit. When you’re having a bad day, try just getting out as much as you can from yourself.

Tell us something interesting about yourself (e.g. other than ocean swimming, what do you enjoy doing for fun?).

o   I’m a total water kid. I love surfing and got myself a job at UrbnSurf Melbourne teaching surfing lessons. Apart from that I love exploring the Victorian coastline. Like most Aussie kids I really enjoy my sports and happily plonk myself on the couch to watch whatever sport is on.