The Lorne Pier to Pub has a winners list like no other, with multiple Olympians, local stars, interstate and International swimmers having won the prestigious ‘Superfish’ Open category.

The ocean is always a great test, and it is not guaranteed that the fastest swimmer in the pool will come out on top – a blend of swimming, strength, endurance, speed, surf skills.

We recently got some great past winners together at the Australian Swimming Titles to launch the 40th year anniversary, and just in this photo alone we have over 20 winners trophies accounted for!  (photo courtesy of Delly Carr and Swimming Australia)

Sam Sheppard, Daniel McLellan, Frances Doggett (nee Murphy), Simon Strahan, Naantali Marshall, Hamish Camreon

2024Hayden CotterLani Pallister
2023 Hayden CotterLani Pallister
2022Virtual EventVirtual Event
2021Virtual EventVirtual Event
2020Hayden CotterLani Pallister
2019Hayden CotterLani Pallister
2018Hayden CotterLani Pallister
2017Sam SheppardHarriet Brown
2016Sam Sheppard (10.02 race record)Harriet Brown (10.51 race record)
2015Sam SheppardHarriet Brown
2014Sam SheppardJessica Walker
2013Sam SheppardEliza Smith
2012Codie GrimseyEllen Gandy
2011Sam SheppardHarriet Brown
2010Sam SheppardHarriet Brown
2009Nick CordnerHarriet Brown
2008Josh MinogueEbony Ebenwalder (nee Curell)
2007Daniel KowalskiMicha Burden
2006Scott ProsserNaantali Marshall
2005Nick CordnerNaantali Marshall
2004Patrick MurphyEbony Curell
2003Nick HinsleyNaantali Marshall
2002Nick HinsleyNaantali Marshall
2001Nick Hinsley, Ryan MorelandNaantali Marshall
2000Tanian GoodeNaantali Marshall
1999Simon StrahanStacey Gartrell
1998Daniel McLellanPenny O'Connell
1997Daniel McLellanStacey Gartell
1996Daniel KowalskiStacey Gartrell
1995Daniel McLellanStacey Gartrell
1994Hamish CameronSimone Cotter
1993Rob WoodhousePenny O'Connell
1992Kieren PerkinsPenny O'Connell
1991Stuart FoxBronwyn King
1990Hamish CameronFrances Murphy
1989Rob WoodhouseTammy van Wisse
1988Stuart FoxKarla Alexander
1987John FoxTammy van Wisse
1986Rob WoodhouseTammy van Wisse
1985John FoxJenny Parlanti
1984John FoxLiz Grant
1983John FoxKaren Maidment
1982Darren McFarlaneCaroline Whitty
1981Matthew Brown, Wayne SweeneyBev Nolan