Membership – Joining and Renewing

You can become an active life saving member from the age of 15 through obtaining your Bronze Medallion.  Junior lifesavers can join the Nipper program from the age of 6.

Parents of Junior and Active members, and supporters of the club can join as Associate members, or through Family memberships, from the the age of 30.

Note that all members 18 and over need a current Working With Children Certificate – for more details and how to obtain a WWCC, refer to our WWCC page.

You can manage your surf life saving account and book and pay for items online using the Surf Life Saving Portal.

To become a member or renew membership

Our latest membership fees

Category DescriptionFee
FamilyAssociates or Active Adults (maximum 2)
All dependent children incl. full time students up to age 25
Dependents aged 14-25 must be “active” ie hold appropriate LSV awards
$350 if paid after 1 December

Nipper Summer programNipper summer intensive program (per child - excludes Nipper membership / Family membership fee)
1 parent/carer also needs to be a member in one of the categories below (or have Family membership)
Nipper membershipAged 13/U
Club membership fee (excludes Nipper Intensive Program fee, but must be enrolled in Nipper program)
N/A if Family membership paid
SRC Summer programSRC Summer Program fee (excludes SRC membership fee)$85
SRC membershipAged 13-14
Club membership fee (excludes SRC Program fee)
N/A if Family membership paid
Active Student Aged 15 or over and a full-time student
Current Life Saving Bronze
N/A if Family membership paid
Active Aged 18 or over
Current Life Saving Bronze
Active ReserveAs granted$110
Long ServiceAs granted$110
AssociateAged 30 and over
Electronic Key-Tag Pay once only (NOT a yearly payment).$25


Our Membership Categories

The Lorne Surf Life Saving Club participates, conducts and competes in many events and initiatives throughout the calendar year, which all contribute in some way to the Club’s main role of providing a safer beach environment to the public.

It is for this reason that all members aged 15-30 years, must gain their Bronze Medallion qualification, and also complete a minimum of 16 hours patrol each patrolling season.  This is an Australian Surf Life Saving requirement.

Our memberships cater for all kinds of involvement in the club from children under 14 years (Nippers), to adults, family and associate members.

Family membership

If you have 2 or more family members, then our family membership is your best membership option.  Our family memberships include 2 associate or active adults, and all dependent children.  If any children are aged 13 and above, they must be an active member.  The family membership is separate to the Lorne SLSC Nipper Program.


The Lorne SLSC Nipper Program runs for 7 days, starting each year just after Boxing Day.  Not only is Nippers a fun way for your child to enjoy the beach in a safe environment, it also offers children an educational pathway through the delivery of the SLSA Junior Development Program.  This program is designed to ensure children have fun at the beach while participating in activities that will progress them to becoming a fully rounded participant in both lifesaving and sport.

SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate)

The SRC program is for the u14 age group and is an extension of Nippers.  As our youth transition from nippers to patrolling members.  It provides the opportunity to develop skills in first aid, communications, surf awareness, surf skills, resuscitation and leadership development all within an enjoyable environment.  The program encourages our youth to take a proactive role in the creation of a safe and sustainable beach environment, while in turn promoting a healthy image of our young surf life savers of today.

Active Members

Active members are the forefront and future of our club as they play a huge role in patrolling and running club events such as the P2P and M2S, and represent our club at state, national and international competitions.  Active members (both junior and senior) are eligible to compete at all surf carnivals scheduled over the summer season.  As a pre-requisite for all active members, they must carry out a minimum of 16 hours patrol each patrolling season (Nov-Apr).

Active reserve and long service

Active reserve and long service memberships are granted to members who have being patrolling and/or competing for the club for a long period of time (min 10 years).  All active reserve and long service applicants must be approved by the Committee in order to be granted these awards.

Associate members

Associate members must be 30 years of age or older.  All associate members are invited each year to our Members Night (formerly Associates Night) which is always held on the Wednesday prior to the Pier 2 Pub.  Our associate members play a vital role in running the Mountain 2 Surf Run and a large portion of our loyal supporters and sponsors are also associate members.  Associate members do not have any patrolling requirement.