The spirit of friendly competition should be maintained throughout the event.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for immediate disqualification.  Decisions of the event officials are final and are not subject to appeal.


  • The winners of each category are the first second and third place-getters from the first wave of each category. Swimmers participating in the virtual swim are ineligible for place-getter prizes
  • An entry permits a competitor a single entry in their age category.
  • Competitors who wish to swim in both their age category and the open Superfish category must indicate this in the entry system.
  • Competitors who want to compete in the open event may do so with the permission of the Race Director.  Permission should be sought well in advance of the day of the race.
  • Competitors may transfer from the category they have been allocated to the open Superfish with the permission of the Race Director.  Permission should be sought well in advance of the day of the race.
  • The overall open winners will be from those swiming in the Superfish wave.
  • No extraneous aids are allowed. This includes, but not limited to, fins, boards, snorkels, floatation gear and personal support teams.
  • Goggles are allowed and are recommended.
  • Wet suits are allowed and are recommended for safety reasons.
  • Swimmers will be required to have an official swim cap, a transponder on their ankle and an official identification on their arm or wrist, which must remain on the individual throughout the event.  No swimmer shall be recorded as a finisher unless wearing the official swim cap, transponder on their ankle and carrying the official number on an arm or wrist.
  • Seeded swimmers must wear a lycra vest if provided to them or face disqualification.
  • Organisers reserve the right to accept, reject and cancel entries.
  • Swimmers must swim the course as marked.  Any variation to the course will be announced at the start.
  • Swimmers who cross the start line before the starting gun is fired will be liable for disqualification.
  • Protests must be made in writing and given to the Race Director within fifteen minutes of the announcement of the provisional results.  All decisions of the Race Director are final.
  • Race officials shall have the authority to remove a competitor from the race if the competitor is judged to be physically incapable of continuing the race without the risk of injury to themselves or others (this can include swimmers who are deemed unable / unlikely to complete the course in 45 minutes).
  • A competitor is judged to have finished when the competitor’s torso crosses the finish line.