Lorne Mower May 2022


We have now come to the end of what is one of the longest seasons on record for the Lorne Surf Life Saving Club and our volunteer patrols.

I’d like to extend huge gratitude to our members for being part of our Club for the 2021/2022 season.

A big thank you also to all the people who have volunteered their time to assist the Club in some way this year. This is what makes our Club so great to be a part of.

The patrol season was very long, commencing in November and finishing on the ANZAC Day weekend at the end of April. Thank you to all the Active Members who patrolled the beach, ensuring the safety of members of the public throughout the season. There were many difficult days with Easterly winds and solid surf presenting challenges for our patrols and our patrolling members performed so well in these conditions.

Competition has ended with Aussies being the final event for competitors. There was a large contingent of members who made the trip to the Gold Coast to represent the Club at Aussies. The Youth and Masters had the best of the conditions, with the Seniors, U17 and U19 categories dealing with some messy and wild conditions. It was a fantastic effort by all and you represented the club so well. Some great results across the board included the Women’s Boat Crew, Lorne again winning Gold for the 4th year in succession. This is an amazing achievement for the team. Other national medalists included Tristan Read winning the 2km Ocean Swim in the Masters – Tristan’s 8th National Masters medal – well done Tristan, and Jude Enticott won Bronze in the U/17 Surf Board Riding – a great start to his Aussies career.

Thank you all again for supporting the Club in the big and small ways that you all do.

It helps us as a club to keep the beach safe.


Paul McMaster


2022 AGM, Committee membership update and end of year celebration.

Put a note in your diary for the Lorne SLSC AGM, to be held in Lorne on Saturday 30 July at 3pm.  Please note you need to be a financial member to join the AGM. The AGM will be followed by an end of year celebration and awards presentation a 6.30pm.  We hope many of you will be able to attend.

The committee would also like to give members an update on some Executive Committee changes.

Two current members are stepping down and there are three proposed new positions across the Executive and Sub-committees.  

These new roles will help ensure smooth and effective delivery of club activities and the continuing success of our club.

Soon to be vacant Executive Committee positions

We are sad to announce that Paul McMaster, after many years of service is stepping down from the role of President, and David Hay, our even longer serving Vice President Junior Development, is going to have a well earned rest.  Both Paul and David will be very much missed from the committee, but they both deserve some time out, particularly after the very challenging last couple of years.

If any members are interested in being considered for either of these position don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paul, David, or anyone else on the committee if you would like to know more.  There is a formal nomination process which interested members will need to follow.  More details on this will be provided in due course.  

New Executive Committee position

Vice President Major Events.

This position is pivotal in the successful delivery of the Pier to Pub and Mountain to Surf races and works directly with the P2P/M2S sub-committee.

New Sub-Committee positions

Two new positions reporting to the Club Captain and sitting within the Club Captain Sub-committee.  This sub-committee is vital to ensure effective delivery of club activities which are at the core of what the Lorne SLSC is all about.

Club Events

This important role helps ensure the smooth delivery of a range of events and activities that are linked to the club.  A key component is any LSV carnivals hosted by Lorne, club events such as the year end celebration and the annual door knock.  

Membership and Leadership

This role is a key link between the club and LSV and would represent the club at the LSV Membership and Leadership Development meetings.

If you are interested in any of the above positions and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Executive team via Jo Pincus at secretary@lornesurfclub.com.au

Nominations for the VP Major Events will need to follow the appropriate Executive Committee nomination process.  More information on this will be provided in due course.


Dear Members,

That’s a wrap! Congratulations to all our active members for helping the club to have enough members and awards for EVERY SINGLE patrol this season. This season was enormous, and I am very grateful for everyone’s efforts. I would like to thank all our Patrol Captains for being AMAZING leaders in our club and ensuring their team rocked up to their allocated dates.

Our amazing season had:

★     190136 in Beach Attendance

★     8356 Preventative Actions

★     188 Minor First Aids

★     3 Major First Aids

★     51 Rescues

All 190136 people went home at the end of their beach day because of our efforts and I couldn’t be prouder of the club and its members. I wish everyone a very happy winter, and I’ll see you all on the beach next season!

Jess Sincock


The Lorne Nippers Competition Team had a successful season culminating in State championships in Lorne at the end of February.  U13 Nipper April Boyd read the Athletes Oath.  Medals and Personal Bests were achieved in all age groups.  ‘Making’ a final at a State Championship event is a big achievement.  U12 nipper Billy Marchesani designed and produced a commemorative sticker for finalists, which was presented at the team dinner catered by Katie Walker.  The Lorne team finished 5th overall.  Highlighting our talented nippers and committed team of parents/youth leaders who committed to a season of training from October to March.  Congratulations to all our age group teams, u12 boys were the most successful this season winning medals in almost all events. Thankyou to our team of wonderful water safety, IRB drivers & crew, coaches, team managers, officials, setup / packup, administration.

Nippers Squad is a wider group including the competition team and more.  The aim is to have fun in the surf aiming to improve every nippers swim/board/run skills and confidence from beginners to medal winners.  Nippers Squad season finished at Easter with an “Amazing Race” event.  Teams of 6 nippers solved a clue trail and completed challenges along the way including how to fill a bucket full of holes.  Rainy weather did not dampen the enthusiasm. 

U13 Nippers Mayah Templar, Sam Essing, Harriet Whitehead and Olivia Cunningham attended the LSV u13 Leadership & Development Camp.  All said it was fun and a great opportunity.  They are looking forward to SRC next season, joining patrols and furthering their skills in the water and as part of a rescue ready team.

Over the winter  LSV run a pool competition season which includes manikin tow and rope throw rescue, tube rescue events.  Fun and team building.  All welcome.  Lorne has a small team taking part this season.

We are looking forward to next season.  Please contact Kirilee nippers_competition@lornesurfclub.com.au if you would like to be involved.  Lorne SLSC and our nippers squad strength is the enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers.


Congratulations to all of our competitors who raced throughout our Summer Comp season.

Lorne’s presence on the beach was strong across all areas of competition and divisions. 

Lorne performed well at our State Titles held at Warrnambool in March, a summary and results can be found here.

In trying conditions at the Aussies, held on the Gold Coast, highlights included the resilience of our competitors taking on some of the most challenging conditions they would have experienced, Michael Garbelotto making the Open Men’s Swim Final – amazing! And our Masters Women taking out their 4th consecutive Gold Medal, congrats Lorne Again. Other national medalists included Tristan Read winning the 2km Ocean Swim in the Masters – Tristan’s 8th National Masters medal – well done Tristan, and Jude Enticott won Bronze in the U/17 Surf Board Riding – a great start to his Aussies career.

As the colder weather sets in and our Summer Comp team enjoy some well earned rest we wish our IRB competition team, the Lorne Orcas, all the best for racing this season. 

Lorne is hosting the IRB Victorian State Titles on June 24-26th.

Thank you to the club, all of our sponsors and supporters for helping to contribute to the success of our competitors.

For anyone wanting to get involved in competition get in touch on competition@lornesurfclub.com.au

Chantal Guziak 


Since the last Mower report the Lorne BSS Team was hard at work preparing for state and national championships in an effort to reclaim Lorne’s once great competition team. Both events were a huge success with many members of our team challenging themselves, achieving their set goals and obtaining results to add points to the club tally.

When April 2nd rolled over the calendar, our Junior Team geared up for their first national championships (The Aussies) and carefully pieced together the final puzzle piece to all their efforts performed at training and prior racing. It was tough and flat conditions, suiting very few but the athletes from QLD and NSW making it a challenge for our juniors. However, through determination and courage the boys managed to secure some excellent results, notable results are as follows:

Will Newton Swim Final

U/14 Board Relay Final

U/14 Cameron Relay Final

The Senior Team was no luckier, with QLD throwing out a typical cyclonic swell creating havoc across the week of racing and truly allowing the best athletes in surf sports to shine and display their skills in difficult conditions. For some, these conditions changed their race plans for the week, shifting from results-based goals to performance goals. Many individuals in the Senior Team decided it was time to challenge themselves and create the goal of making it around the course in the difficult and monstrous surf and everyone who tried across the week has something to be proud of. Moreover, a proportion of our team competed at a higher standard, with many of our athletes making quarter and semi-finals and even an open final.

A big congratulations must be sent to Michael Garbelotto who competed in the Open Male Swim Final representing the Lorne club – the first to do so in a long time.

We also cannot forget the efforts of our Master’s Team who put their bodies on the line to ensure Lorne is represented for another year at the Aussie Titles. These old sea dogs have years of surf and race knowledge up their sleeves and always love putting their toes on the line.

Best wishes,

Billy Bowden

Board and Ski Captain

Lorne Again – Georgina Box, Paula Matthews, Geoff Matthews, Shea Grant & Tegan Eldridge


In April the Boaties travelled to Broadbeach full of excitement and anticipation for the 2022 Aussies. We had a great team with 8 crews looking forward to taking on the best crews in Australia. Our first challenge was the impending threat of cyclonic surf conditions. Organisers acted swiftly by shifting the boat area to North Kirra, a  decision which did little to improve the situation with forecasts still threatening the running of the event.

Our two Masters crews, Lorne Again and the Lorne Crusties were up first with the Crusties showing the rewards of their hard work, finishing fourth in the final. It was a great effort and great fun for the guys with Barry Hill doing a great job as sweep in difficult conditions.

Lorne Again continued to show their class with a fourth Australian title victory. The girls on limited preparation were too good yet again, winning in a clean sweep. It was my pleasure to sweep them with Paula Matthews and Shea Grant ( four time gold medallists) sharing the love with Tegan Eldridge and Georgie Box. 

Leading into the rest of the program conditions continued to threaten with a cyclone sitting high of the coast. Sure enough the rest of our crews had horrendous conditions with the program being altered, cut short and often postponed throughout the weekend.

With crew safety as the main focus for our sweeps, our crews rose to the challenge. Pat Spinazzola swept well above his experience with The Badgers and The Seals in the U19 and U23 divisions. Jamie Robertson and Jackson McCaffery showed great judgement in massive surf with the rowers doing everything asked of them. My crews, Lorne Chops and Lorne Edge were equally as brave tackling some of the biggest waves we have ever raced in.

It was disappointing that SLSA continue to go back to this region for our National event. It really becomes quite a lottery when the conditions are as such and at that time of year, cyclonic swells are immanent. Unfortunately luck plays too much of a role in the results and the luck wasn’t with us this time around.

Nevertheless all crews showed great team spirit, and continued to bond on and off the beach. We are so very proud of our group and how connected everyone is. Massive thanks to our supporters and family members who helped carry boats, get coffees and ice bruises. We all shared a great experience and come away arm in arm with a smile on our face.

Geoff Matthews

Boat Captain

The Lorne Stars: Lily Matthews, Lily Skacej, Tegan Eldridge, Georgina Box & Jackson McCaffrey


The Lorne Training & Assessment Department has had an enormous season with a number of courses running over the past six months! These included Bronze Medallion, Surf Rescue Certificate, Senior First Aid, Resuscitation, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, IRB Crew and IRB Driver. This has provided some much needed support in the various areas of the club such as patrols and competitions. I am proud to announce that we have had 160 candidates participate in courses and over 250 awards processed. I would like to thank all of the various instructors and assessors who made this all possible as without your assistance, these courses would not be possible.

I am looking forward to continuing to expand the Training & Assessment portfolio and offer some more awards in the future. If anyone is interested in attaining any particular awards in the next few months please don’t hesitate to contact me at training@lornesurfclub.com.au 

Thank you all for a wonderful season and I look forward to celebrating with you all soon!

Nick Tsekouras

May 23, 2022 Peter