COVID-19 Update for Members, November 2020

Dear Members,

As Summer is here next week and we are starting patrols, I thought it is a good time to update all members on how the surf club will be operating this summer.

It is great news that we will be able to open the change rooms as of this weekend (28th November).

There is a 10 PERSON CAPACITY in the change rooms, so if you enter and there is already 10 in there, please wait until you are able to enter.

We do require all members to scan with a key tag on entry to the club and entry to the change rooms along with scanning the QR code to meet our COVID tracing requirements.

Junior members can access the change rooms but will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for access and completion of the QR code registration.

The entry doors to the club house will be closed and access is for members only.

If you are going to Tom’s Bar, again this is members and guests only.

The Gym will remain closed for the summer period but stay tuned, we will be organising some outdoor fitness sessions for members over the holiday period.

From December 7 through to December 19 we will be holding Silver and Bronze Camps. Therefore the club house is not available for use by anyone other than the trainers and the camp candidates – this is the same as previous years.

Paul McMaster


November 28, 2020 Peter