Here is the LSLSC Hall of Fame for the 2018 State Nippers Championships (hope it’s all there and correct). Points scored for first 6 places.  More team details will be in the next Mower.

U10 Team Boys
Aqua Cam – 4th
Beach Run – 6th
Wade – 2nd  MacLennan Palmer Vearing Ludlow
Surf Team -1st  MacLennan, McKerron, Vearing Newton
Beach Flags – Jerome Palmer 1st  wohooo! 
Beach Sprint – Jerome Palmer 3rd 
Beach Run – 6th Jerome Palmer
Wade – 4th T McLennan 6th R Vearing

U11 Individual Boys
Ironman – 6th Darcy Hepburn (huge effort)
Surf Race – 6th Darcy Hepburn

U13 Boys Team
Aqua Cam – 2nd  Aitkinson Hay Harper MacLennan Cash 
Surf Board Relay – 4th
Surf Board Rescue – 3rd  Aitkinson Hay  
Surf Team – 2nd  Harper Hay Cash Aitkinson Hepburn MacLennan  
Swim – 4th D Cash  woohoo!

U13 Girls Team
Surf Board Rescue – 5th – M Foreman K Mc Kerron

U14 Boys Individual
Beach Flags – 5th K Enticott