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Skills Maintenance

Skills Maintenance Date: Sunday 20th November @9am

Skills Maintenance Requirements

What ALL returning members need to do:

  1. Ensure Membership Information is updated and Lorne SLSC Membership is payed for 2016.
    • Change of contact details (if required).
    • Make Membership Payment.
    • Link to¬†SLSA Member Portal
    • Working With Children Check (if 18+ during the season) MORE INFO
  2. Complete the Online Theory Component: LSV Training from Anywhere
    • Create a new account if you haven't created one before.
    • Online Theory Components must be completed for each of these awards (if you hold them):
      • Bronze Medallion
      • Surf Rescue Certificate
      • IRB Crew and/or Driver
      • Spinal Management
      • Advanced Resus Techniques (ART)
    • Print of the Certificates of Completion
  3. Book a Practical whilst in LSV's 'Member Training from Anywhere'.
    • Note that this will display other Club's sessions. You can attend these if you cannot attend the Lorne Skills Maintenance.
  4. Attend the Lorne SLSC Skills Maintenance Day
    • Day starts at 9am sharp. Be there early to finish early.
Lorne SLSC Skills Maintenance Facebook Event

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