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An Introduction to Groups

Key information for the 2018 GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub

  • Registration opens on the 6th of Nov 2017
  • GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf Friday 12th Jan 2018
  • GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub Saturday 13th Jan 2018

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Every wanted to have a competition with friends or family; are you a sports club member and you want to see how everyone in your club does; want to compete with workmates? Groups are for you. Groups let you create a competition within the competition. How does it work? In the race system, create a group and give it a name. Now others can join your group. Send them an e-mail and tell them the name of the group. They join. Now you have a set of people in the group come race day you will see everyone ranked according to how they swum or ran. It’s that simple.

Creating a group

Creating a group is straightforward. Log into you race account at race.lornesurfclub.com.au/Logon and choose Competitor/Group

When you create a group you automatically become its Administrator, as each person joins you have to approve their membership. Of course if its someone you don’t know then you can reject their request to join your group. When you create a group you can make it a group for just the swim, or the run or both. So if its a group of friends who all swim who are having a bit of a comp around whose the best then choose just the Pier to Pub. Of course if you are a group of runners then choose the Mountain to Surf.

As an administrator you can add other people as administrators, that way the job of managing the group is shared around.

You can call your group anything you like. Groups are unique on the site, so first in get the cool names.

Joining a group

Go tot he groups page (Competitor/Group) and select Join. Type the name of the group you would like to join and select it. Press OK. Now all you have to do is wait for the administrator to approve you. You get sent an email when they do.

Some questions

When will I see results?

Generally we upload results to the site after the last competitor has finished, on the day of the race. So for the run that will be around 12:00 noon on the day of the race and for the swim around 5:00PM

I joined a group and now I want to leave?

Simple just go to your group and delete it. The only wrinkle is if your an admin you need to makes someone else an admin before you leave

Are groups private?

Yes they are, only other members of the group who have been approved get to see who is in the group and their results. But we might want to publicise groups so if you would like your group more widely known just let swim_administrator@lornesurfclub.com.au know.

Won’t having swimmers from different waves, start times be unfair?

Yes, it could be depending on the state of the tide, and the wind you could get an unfair comparison. But this is a fun competition for bragging rights and that will just be one more thing to argue over. Who knows in the future we might add some sort of handicap system, but that is for the future.

Can I invite people to my group?

Right now not via the site, but you can send people an email. Just tell people the name of the group so they can find it, and as they say Bob is your uncle.

I want to do ? with my group how do I do that?

OK not sure what ? means may be you have thought of something really cool. Let us know, who knows we might take up your idea.

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