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Nipper Online Registration will be open. The cost of this program is $75 per nipper. The process for Nipper Registration is as follows:

  1. Register via the website for the Nipper Program
  2. Membership Fees must be paid and online membership forms completed
  3. Pay the $75 Nipper Fee NB: You can make all the payments together just remember to identify whom each payment is for.
  4. ALL Nippers (except U7’s) need to submit a completed Swimming Proficiency Form when registering – even if you have done nippers before. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form.
  5. If you have not participated in Nippers before you must submit a copy of your passport/birth certificate with your registration.
If you're having trouble viewing or submitting, CLICK HERE

Note: Under 14's (SRC) need to complete this process too.
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