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Medical advice for the Mountain to Surf run

Key information for the 2018 GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf

  • GMHBA Lorne Mountain to Surf Friday 12th Jan 2018
  • GMHBA Lorne Pier to Pub and GMHBA Lorne 5000, Saturday 13th Jan 2018

Enter here from the 6th of Nov

Race results

The following medical and safety notes have been prepared by Dr Kevin Moriarty and are based on experiences gained through conducting the run over a number of years. We believe they contain valuable information and reminders for competitors.

Key Points:

Don’t go out too hard at the start of the race and don’t be ashamed to rest along the way. Drink plenty of water on the run. If its hot wear appropriate sun protection – a hat and sun screen, and drink plenty of water. Stay on the course at all times and obey the instructions of the marshals along the route.

These notes are provided as suggestions to improve your safety and enjoyment of the event.
Dr Kevin Moriarty M.B.B.S. F.A.N.Z.A.C.A

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