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Lorne SLSC Policy – Responsibility & Patrol Hour Requirements


  1. All members must be current financial members of the Lorne SLSC
  2. Each member is responsible for ensuring their proficiency requirements have been fulfilled prior to any patrol.
  3. Arrive punctually for all patrols.
  4. When you arrive at the beach, report directly to your Patrol Captain and sign-in the patrol log book. If you are doing a “make up patrol” or substituting for another person, please note it accordingly in the log book.
  5. At all times while on patrol wear the patrol uniform, especially your red and yellow quartered cap – which must be tied correctly under your chin and be visible on your head. If they are unable to do so they cannot sign onto patrol.
  6. Replacement of any damaged or lost items of issued uniform must be actioned well before patrol commencement and paid for by the member. It is the sole responsibility of the Lifesaver to bring their uniform to each patrol.
  7. While on duty, all Lifesavers shall devote their time and attention to the Lifesaving Service Operations, and shall direct and co-ordinate their efforts in a manner which will establish and maintain the highest standards of efficiency.
  8. If you wish to go into the water, let your Patrol Captain know and do not enter the water without your patrol cap tied on. You must remain in the beach patrol area.
  9. Do not leave the beach patrol area without the permission of your Patrol Captain. If you leave the beach, do not wear your patrol uniform or cap.
  10. All Lifesavers shall carry out their duties within all OH&S guidelines to ensure their safety and that of other patrol members and the public.
  11. All Lifesavers are to be actively involved in either the pack up or set up of the patrol (although both are preferred).
  12. A minimum of three (3) hours must be achieved at any one time whilst on patrol. Any less than three (3) hours will not be counted in the Lifesavers total patrol hours.
  13. Lifesavers shall not act or behave in such a manner as to bring disrespect upon himself/herself, Lorne SLSC, Life Saving Victoria or Surf Life Saving Australia.
  14. If you are unable to attend your patrol, you must find a substitute and ensure that your patrol will not be deficient in any award that you hold. Contact your Patrol Captain in the weeks preceding to ensure this criteria is met.
  15. For water safety, it is an individual’s responsibility to make sure they fill in a water safety patrol log on the day.


To be eligible for competition at any SLSA Championship, a Lorne SLSC member must complete the following minimum patrol hours in the year prior to the respective championship event. All patrol hours must be recorded at the Lorne SLSC and not at any other Surf Life Saving affiliated organisation.
These hours are irrespective of LSV & SLSA requirements.

Award Gained/Returning member proficiency dateActiveUnder 15Active Reserve
April – September10814

NOTE: For a leave of absence to be recognised in relation to this policy, it must be constituted by the Lorne SLSC and minuted at an AGM.

Hours shall only be calculated from the following:

Exclusions: Hours cannot be calculated from:

Patrol Log Administration

Appeals to amend patrol hours

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