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Welcome to the new era of competition at the Lorne Life Saving Club! At the start of the 08/09 season the committee identified that our club was lacking direction in developing our junior and senior competition areas.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tristan Read and I have been an active member of the Lorne Life Saving Club for some 6 years and have been competing for the club during these years. I have a swimming back ground thus representing the club in both individual and team events as a swimmer and more recently in craft events.

Over the years I have developed my skill levels to compete on the boards, ski and in the iron man events at all the carnivals I attend. My main goal as the “Coach” is to identify potential competitors at an early age, and give them every opportunity to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

Our Nipper program is ever increasing in numbers thanks to the efforts of Ian Stewart and his strong support of nipper parents. Parental support is one of the Key areas that will see our club develop in the coming years. The more support we have from the parents, the greater results the club will achieve. Age group managers involved in our Nipper program have helped encourage our kids to compete and I ask all age group managers to keep up the great work and commit for another year.

A new cadet program has been developed for next season with a strong emphasis on providing them with endless opportunities in all competitive areas. The new motto for the cadet program is now ‘lets give it ago’.

Activities include;

The program will continue to cover the main “essentials” of the cadet program.

The club will be asking for some helpers to deliver this program, that usually takes place from Boxing Day onwards. The volunteers would also be supported by our Chief Training Officer as well as Area Captains, myself and the Club Captain. Please feel free to contact myself to register your interest.

Over the next few months the competition committee will develop a training schedule for the off season in Lorne, Melbourne and Geelong. Please look out for these dates and support the efforts of all that are involved in providing these opportunities. The dates will be posted on our Web page under Coach’s Corner and in Lorne mower.

I understand this is a new era for the club and will be looking for any feedback and support during my term as the coach. It would be great to here from any old or new members that could provide their skills and knowledge.

I have provided some training programs (Swim, Board, ski, running and a basic strength program) for the off season. These programs are just a guide for some areas. More will be available at a later date so keep an eye out on the web and in the Lorne mower.

We are one club striving for the same goal, fun fitness and competition success!

So get on Board, Swim, Ski, Beach, Boat and IRB My email address is: Tristan@treadfitness.com.au

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any feedback or suggestions!!!

See you on the beach.

Created: 19/Mar/2009 - 12:10 PM Last updated: 19/Mar/2009 - 12:12 PM